"Art, Truth and Beauty"

Hers was a recital that could be catalogued amongst the best that have been given in Jimena during these days. . . . The powerful and at the same time melodic voice of Diana Jacklin, as well as the expression of her face and the movement of her hands, managed to create an atmosphere to which those of us in the recital hall were all transported. . . . Diana Jacklin’s success, yesterday, was clear and unquestionable.
— Europa Sur

The human voice expresses that which cannot be expressed in words alone.

DIANA JACKLIN has performed over 200 recitals internationally. She loves the art of the song recital, and she does what she can to keep the tradition alive. For her, the song recital is a thriving art form, rich with beauty, creativity and glorious possibilities for repertoire, musical expression and profound communication.

"Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought." -- Yip Harburg
A local treasure.
— The Gloucester Times
Her stage presence and grace were powerful as she moved through the amazing range of roles and styles demanded by her chosen program . . . Her ability to express a variety of moods was fascinating. She was able to move from delicate tenderness to edgy intensity to poetic lyricism. . . . But it was with the arias of Mozart and Strauss that . . . all of her ability, mood, movement and singing combined to be the most compelling. Jacklin demonstrated a deep sensitivity in expressing the composers’ intentions with each piece.
— The Gloucester Times


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