SINGING and expressing yourself onstage is the GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD. . .




Are you tired of OBSTACLES blocking your success?

Can you imagine living your life and career on purpose with no more obstacles? No more plaguing SELF-DOUBT that just is NOT GOING AWAY. No more ANXIETY about the lack of opportunities that is only GROWING. No more attracting those undermining relationships that keep you STUCK and SMALL. No more feeling sick of NEVER HAVING ENOUGH MONEY to live, maintain your career & pay off your debt. No more BANGING YOUR HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL. Yes, even those MILE-DEEP brick walls layered with concrete and cement. You are SO DONE with feeling terrified in auditions and feeling anxious about the LACK OF VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES. Oh, and did I mention THE COMPETITION and the fact that you are getting OLDER every day? And, don't forget to worry about your WAISTLINE!

Can you imagine freeing yourself from these blocks?

You've walked hand-in-hand through your career with these constant companions. Can you imagine letting them go? Can you even imagine that?

Can you imagine . . .

  • running your CAREER ON YOUR OWN TERMS instead of your career running you?
  • ditching self-sabotage for SELF-EMPOWERMENT?
  • being VISIBLE?
  • actually wanting and getting your inner light to shine brightly for the world to see so that you start to ATTRACT OPPORTUNITIES that are right for you?
  • experiencing SELF-CONFIDENCE as your new normal rather than that plaguing self-doubt?
  • feeling truly open to receiving the GIFTS OF ABUNDANCE that are available to you?
  • welcoming only FABULOUS, SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS into your life rather than those undermining and manipulative ones you've grown so accustomed to?

Yes, it is possible, and I can show you the way.

You are an artist, and you have something important to offer the world, something only you can offer. You spend so much time, effort, sweat and tears learning and mastering your craft to get the opportunities you deserve. But, it's just not enough. You want more! You have so much more to offer, and you are not getting the opportunities to show the world. You don't have the support you need, so your self-confidence is waning. You don't even know anymore how to sing your truth or where to find it. Because you are not getting the opportunities you deserve, you're not getting the money you deserve either. Most of the time, you have to sweat it out hoping you have the money to get the help you need to learn the roles and recital programs coming up. I'm here to help you change that. You don't have to live like this anymore. The world needs you more than you know. You are invaluable to a society that needs you more than even they know.

I am here to lead you out of feeling stuck, unclear, unsupported, invisible, or whatever else is blocking your success.

I love helping devoted artists build a successful future by helping them remove obstacles from their path one limiting belief at a time.

Let me share a BIG SECRET.


When one embarks on a career in the arts, the truth is that YOUR ISSUES ARE GOING TO COME TO THE SURFACE. It is going to happen. Actually, many of the limiting beliefs negatively affecting you will not even be yours. They will be Mom's, Dad's, your teacher's, or those of someone else. This is not unusual. You are not the only one; it happens to all of us. Perhaps you learned that you must suffer or struggle for your art. The truth is, you did not come to this earth to suffer or struggle. You came here to share your gifts, and I'm here to give you the support you need to work through any known and unknown limiting beliefs so that you can fully offer your beautiful self to the service of your art and the world. Do it sooner than later. Remember, there's plenty of time if you don't waste time.

To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.
― Georgia O’Keeffe

The impossible IS possible.


I am Diana Jacklin, and it is my great joy and passion to model and teach dedicated singers the art of singing and help devoted artists clear obstacles that are interfering with their success so they can fulfill their deepest desires and carve out the career of their dreams. I'm all about expanding their world through mastery of vocal technique and success mindset.

After years of collecting, studying and assimilating treasured knowledge of singing, as well as spirituality, metaphysics, psychology and personal development, and after teaching at least 20,000 voice lessons, I am here to transform your voice and career. I teach a true Bel Canto technique as passed on to me from two great singers with a direct line to Manuel Garcia (the father), and I offer success coaching to singers who desire to eliminate self-doubt, financial stress, fear of memory failure, a sense of limited opportunities, lack of support and lack of success from their careers. Your dreams matter, and I am here to give you support you need to fulfill them.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Get the firm foundations you need to embark successfully into your future. Your dreams, your talents, your desires, your skills are there for a reason. DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!



I have a 12 week 1:1 coaching package to support you in busting through your blocks to creating the career of your dreams. Sessions are conducted on SKYPE, PHONE or IN PERSON. Contact me for details.

The success coaching sessions with you turned everything around from negative to positive—things that I hadn’t even thought of before. I’m attracting more positive and better people into my environment. I’m starting to be happy for people when they have things I want rather than feeling jealous of them. I realize that I don’t really have to worry so much anymore, and I’m seeing that things and problems can be resolved. I’m finding that sometimes things aren’t as bad as I thought they were and that solutions are often easier instead of harder to find.
— Angela, Aspiring Young Artist
Studying with Diana has positively impacted every area of my life.
— Anna, 24 year old former Voice Major
In only 5 days, Diana helped me to free myself from 40 years of blocks! I am so grateful because playing feels so joyful now rather than such a struggle.
— Marian, Pianist
I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without you, Diana. I wouldn’t have been able to persevere without your words in my ear. Your support really went a long way. There are a lot of people who are not supportive in the classical community, so it is easy to second guess yourself, lose confidence and start to feel afraid of putting yourself out there. The most important thing was the foundation of support that you gave me, but because I didn’t realize how rare your support was, I wasn’t prepared for the fact that there are not more Diana’s out there.
— Patricia, Professional Soloist


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